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Это интересно: Создание рифового аквариума, Оборудование для морских аквариумов, Популярные морские рыбы


The history of our company started in 1999. One man was keen on aquariumistics, decided to create his aquarium business. It began with the aquarium farm – breeding, and in 2002 our first shop "Aquarium fish" was opened in Kiev on the Simferopolska Street 9. 

For the few years was created team of minded persons, which during 17 years and till now are faithful members of our friendly,strong and growing team.

In 2004 on the Koshyca Street 8 we opened the “Center of aquariumistics”. It was Ukraine's first exhibition of marine and freshwater hydrobionts. In the collection were represented many types of corals and invertebrates, as well as tropical fishes. Fromthe "Nemo" fish to real oceanic black tip sharks.

We imported the ichthyofauna from the different oceans. We studied how right to accept it, adapt, hold, treat and even breed. All the seprocessesare enough complex and costly. That’s why, for many years we worked with indicators of deep negative profitability. But that didn’t stop us, we liked what we do.

But the main goal that we pursued - is the creation of something more global. We wanted to create in Kiev the aquarium (oceanarium), similar to the many that exist around the world.

And in 2012 in Kiev was opened oceanarium "Morskaya skazka" on Darnitsa. It is the first in Ukraine oceanarium with an underwater tunnel, and is still the only one. Our oceanarium cannot be called a mega structure, but we try to surprise visitors with a diversity collection and fantastic atmosphere. Also, we bring gratitude to the man who once believed in our team and support our project.

Promo video  of oceanarium "Morskaya skazka"

   For 17 years we created a large number of aquariums in different forms and sizes. The most interesting for us is the six-meter height aquarium in Lviv and, of course, an aquarium pool with underwater tunnel in Kiev. But we're not going to stop, because our possibilities are limited only by the requirements of customers. We look forward to further projects that will be even grander.
Over the years we have acquired reliable partner-suppliers of aquarium equipment Reef Octopus (China), Tunze (Germany), Milwaukee (Hungary), manufacturers of acrylic aquariums and panels, aquarium chemistry Seachem (USA), scenery, marine animals, etc.

Creating an artificial underwater world - it is our passion, this is our life.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater world!

аквариумное оборудование
Соль морская
Украина, г.Киев, ул. А.Малышко, 3.
(ст.м. Дарница, ТЦ "Детский мир")
Телефон: (099) 798 32 44

По вопросам строительства океанариума
тел. (067) 401-22-03, (093) 578-70-60
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